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designing, engineering and production of harbour crane cabins in Italy from 1978
Crane Ergonomic Remote Control Desk


Welcome to a future dimension: CRANE ERGONOMIC REMOTE DYNAMIC CONTROL DESK Brieda Cabins

logo DYCS
The result of many years of experience and of in-depth studies into biomechanics, ergonomics and design.
A new generation of ergonomically remote control desk designed Crane Cab Operator interface devices.

This is the Crane Ergonomic Remote Dynamic Control Desk that provides an efficient and scientifically-tested tool to improve the operator’s ergonomics, eliminating unhealthy postures and noticeably reducing the use of shoulders, elbows and wrists.
Excellent and good efficiency of head movements and angles of vision.

CRANE ERGONOMIC REMOTE CONTROL DESK Brieda Cabins, many advantages for the operators:
• made in Italy style and design
• great attention to Ergonomics and Comfort
• extremely adaptable to allow operators to adopt a healthy posture
• reduction and elimination of unhealthy postures
• considerable reduction of shoulder, elbow and wrist movements
• total vision control with slight head rotation
• perfect visibility in any situation
• excellent and good efficiency of head movements and angles of vision
• improved operating comfort
• increased performances
• the desk and monitor can be independently, electrically, adjusted in height to adapt it to the various heights of the operators.
• free device configuration
• free and customisable monitor view
• free multiple desks configuration
• the desk is mounted on special, lockable castors making it easy to move

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