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designing, engineering and production of harbour crane cabins in Italy from 1978
DYCS - dynamic control station

DYNAMIC CONTROL STATION | DYCS - dynamic control station

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Welcome to a new dimension: DYCS Brieda Cabins

logo DYCSA new generation of ergonomicallydesigned Crane Cab Operator interface devices. This is the control station which provides an effective scientifically-tested answer to the persistent crane operator lower back stress and pain. With the new and innovative function of the joystick, the forearm is completely supported.

The Brieda Dynamic Project is in accordance with the European Standard EN 1005-3/4/5:
• Human Physical Performance
• Risk assessment for ripetitive handling high frequency
• Evaluation of work postures and movements The OCRA Index Method
• Occupational Risk Assessment on the overload of the upper limbs
• Method also used in the International Standards ISO 11228-3

Electric Adjustable Boxes
The universal floor attachment point makes installing or retrofitting the Brieda DYCS possible in every type of operators cab. The adjustment of the control boxes is performed by an electric device for all the required directions.
The DYCS utilizes an extremely strong structure with a shock-absorbing system, tested for over 5000 hours under stress conditions.

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