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designing, engineering and production of harbour crane cabins in Italy from 1978
Koks Ashdod Port


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Quay side container crane Ashdod Port

The cabin is equipped as follows:
• Thermal insulation
• Highly insulated glasses
• Front window opening with a gas piston device
• Side sliding windows on aluminium frames
• High resistance floor glass, 40 mm thick, complete with sliding adjustable footrest grids
• Large outside stainless steel spoiler to keep the floor glass as much clean as possible. It is properly installed so that it doesn’t interfere with the operator’s view
• No. 1 pantograph windshield wipers
• Large roof gutter stainless steel for water drainage complete with drain pipes
• Split type air conditioner
• Tip-up seat
• Shock absorbing device
• Brieda B5552 3kw defogger device
• Brieda adjustable touch screen and monitor support

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