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designing, engineering and production of harbour crane cabins in Italy from 1978


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Polivis X - Standard Cabin

The adaptable structural forms of the Polivis Cabins provide a better flexibility for the customer to incorporate the cabin in his crane design.
Operator cabin for steel mill plant with an environment temperature over 60°C and used for moving the steel coils which get 400°C.
The cabin is equipped as follows:
• Wall insulation for a high thermal and sound insulation.
• Glasses at high thermic resistance and heat reflections.
• Protection shield under the cabin.
• Floor insulated with "melaminic" material.
• Wide view over the working area.
• Gaskets with high seal.
• Ergonomic control station Brieda PMB 10, with seat SB2.
• Brieda MC ED 31 air conditioner, suitable for working with high temperatures. The air distribution is from the roof by adjustable small openings, which permit a homogeneous air diffusion.

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