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designing, engineering and production of harbour crane cabins in Italy from 1978
PMB11 + SB1


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as per our drawing No. PMB11-SB1.

Technical features:
• Structure of 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm press-bent steel plate.
• Rotating type control station, mounted on Brieda ball bearings system with stop adjustment.
• Adjustable control boxes with lifting tops and 200 mm. stroke
• Control boxes with width 250-300-300 mm
• Space under the seat to locate the terminal board.
• Paint finish

BRIEDA SEAT TYPE SB1, as per our drawing No. SB1
A peculiar feature, in addition to all the fundamental operative adjustments, is the possibility to tilt forward the complete seat with a special system called "Skiben".
This system together with the innovative design of the cushions, enable to increase the visibility through the floor glass and decrease, at the same time, the stress in the operator's lumbar zone.

General features:
• Seat with special grooves in the cushions to ensure maximum transpiration.
• Lower seat cushion with central "U"-shaped part for better visibility in the operative zone.
• Strong fireproof upholstery.
• Seat rails with 200 mm stroke
• Shock-absorbing base with weight adjustment
• Adjustable armrests
• Control levers designed to avoid any hindrance in the free zone of the U-shaped cushion.
• "SKIBEN" seat tilting system
• Cushion softness adjustment in the lumbar zone

Adjustments animations

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