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designing, engineering and production of harbour crane cabins in Italy from 1978
PMB11 + SB2


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Brieda Control Station PMB11 with seat SB2 - Installed in a Polivis x cabin

Technical features:
• Structure of 1,5 mm and 2,5 mm press-bent steel plate;
• Rotating type control station, mounted on Brieda ball bearings system with stop adjustment;
• Adjustable control boxes with lifting tops and 200 mm stroke;
• Control boxes with width 250-300-330 mm;
• Space under the seat to locate the terminal board;
• Paint finish.

Brieda seat SB2 - Seat with mechanical suspension
• Driver weight adjustment;
• Height seat regulation with the possibility to incline the cushion;
• Rolling slide ways can be locked from either side, right or left, with front and back end stops by a regulation lever;
• Safety cover;
• Cold foamed polyurethane upholstery;
• Reclining backrest by a lever;
• Backrest with lumbar support;
• Headrest with height regulation as the seat upholstery;
• Adjustable armrest with height regulation;
• Seat with arrangement for safety belts two points;
• Pocket documents in the rear backrest.

Adjustments animations

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