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designing, engineering and production of harbour crane cabins in Italy from 1978
PMB33 + SB1


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Brieda Control Station PMB33 with seat SB1

• Rotating type control station with stop;
• 100 mm. travel adjustable control boxes on the sloping side. This adjustment allows the operator to change the joysticks height in relation to the seat and according to his needs;
• Special space is provided under the seat for the terminal board to be fit in;
• Adjustable joystick box to have the joysticks in horizontal or inclined position;
• Side boxes of different widths as per requirements;
• Brieda SUPP002 adjustable monitor support.

A peculiar feature, in addition to all the fundamental operative adjustments, is the possibility to tilt forward the complete seat with a special system called “Skiben”. This system enables to increase the visibility through the floor glass and decrease, at the same time, the stress in the operator’s lumbar zone.

• Seat with special grooves in the cushions to ensure maximum transpiration;
• Lower seat cushion with central U-shaped part for better visibility in the operative zone
• Strong fireproof upholstery
• Seat rails with 200 mm stroke
• Shock-absorbing base with weight adjustment
• Adjustable armrests
• Control levers designed to avoid any hindrance in the free zone of the U-shaped cushion
• SKIBEN seat tilting system
• Cushion softness adjustment in the lumbar zone

Adjustments animations

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