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designing, engineering and production of harbour crane cabins in Italy from 1978


Brieda Cabins - Corporate movie

Vision - Technological evolution

Brieda, located in Porcia near Venice, in the North-East of Italy has been specialized in the manufacture of driver cabins since 1978.
The company has become a leader in this field thanks to the application of constant R&D and product innovations joint to a long tradition of quality and reliability.

Mission - The solutions for your job

All aspects regarding the cabin design, including choice of materials, operative functions, mechanical loads and working environment are carefully analysed and discussed with the customer.
Our Know-how have allowed us to supply cabins of high quality, with high respect of both active and passive safety and always with an excellent price/quality ratio.

Quality - Certification

All are made of the planning and of the realization of our products and our services they are subject to the strictest qualitative controls you and of correspondence with the real requirements of our customers. Brieda cabins has obtained the following certification:

• TÜV Certification